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Eco-Friendly Moms and Babies Portal


We are happy to offer natural, safe, non-toxic, earth-friendly products to help you keep good things in your and your child’s body and life - from conception through his or her early years, all from Natural Eco. We have everything a new mother needs for a safe, natural journey.

We also have included eco-friendly and toxin-free beds, matresses and bedding. Since you are already actively taking steps to replace the chemicals in your life with organic products; now you can continue this wonderful process through pregnancy and with your baby!

Again, welcome to the Eco-Friendly Moms and Babies Portal!


Organic bedding for your baby

Herbal remedies for you and your baby

Natural Nursery Products

Hugg-a-Planet Stuffed Animals

Here is a partial listing of our natural remedies for mother and baby:

AfterBirth Drops
Blissful Baby Massage Oil
Bringforth Flower Essence
Conception Flower Essence
Cradle-Cap Salve
Diaper Distress Cream
Digesto-K Sprinkles
Easiotomy Cream
Eze-Birth Flower Essence
Faithful Feet Aromatic FootSpa
Heavenly Labor Massage Oil
StretchEasy Massgae Oil
Mindstill Flower Essence
Nature's Milk
Nipple Conditioning Cream
Propartem Drops
StretchEasy Formula

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