Why Do I Need To Balance My pH?

Our body is in a constant struggle to maintain proper pH levels - too acidic means the body has to work extra hard to expel excess acidic ash waste or allow it to pile up; too alkaline often means the body is struggling with low electrolyte levels that weaken muscle and nerve functions. A consistent pH imbalance - either too acidic or too alkaline - interferes with the body's basic operations...

What's An "Acid pH"?
An acid pH, or "acidosis," is the term used to describe the imbalanced acidic condition of all our body fluids. Virtually all cellular functions of the body are sensitive to the pH of their fluids. If the pH deviates too far to the acid side, cells become poisoned in their own toxic acidic wastes and die.

Which Foods Are "Acid-Forming" And Which Ones Are "Base-Forming"?
Most high protein foods (such as meat, fish, poultry and eggs), nearly all carbohydrates (including grains, breads, pastas) and fats are "acid-forming." And most fruits and vegetables are "base-forming." Although citrus fruits, such as oranges and grapefruit, contain organic acids and may have an acid taste, they are not acid forming when metabolized, leaving no acidic residue. Similarly, Free-Form Amino Acids are not acid-forming, but instead offer unique buffering capabilities to the body.

How Do I Get Rid Of An "Acid-pH"?
Watching your diet can help, especially by increasing the number of fruits and vegetables you eat while decreasing the amounts of acid-forming foods consumed. But an easier way is to take Vaxa's Buffer-pH+ daily to help the body alkalize your system while continuing to enjoy the foods you prefer!

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When food is metabolized and broken down in the body, it leaves certain residues which yield either Buffer-pH+alkaline or acidic potentials of pH. These residues appear to most strongly influence body pH levels and can lead to serious health problems, weight gain, poor athletic performance, low energy levels and premature aging if continuously too acidic or too alkaline. The ingredients in this MultiDimensional formula have been shown to naturally:

  • Help reduce acidic build-up and rebalance pH by buffering these residues and removing them from your body
  • Help dissolve calcified and toxic laden plaque within the bloodstream
  • Help allow proper blood flow
  • Help promote the cleansing and repair of tissues
  • Help maintain proper Insulin production and use
VAXA Homeopathic Medicinal Systemic Alkalizer for Buffering an Acid pH System, Buffer-pH, Capsules , 120 capsules

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