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Welcome to the 50+ Holistic Health Portal!

As hard as it is to believe, the generation that coined the phrase "Never trust anyone over 30" is now rapidly approaching 50 - or even 60! Experts estimate that every seven seconds another boomer hits the "big 5-0."


While many of us may still feel like an invincible rock 'n' roll teen at heart, the truth is we are fast becoming the older generation -- and in the process sharing more than just memories of transistor radios, Elvis and the Beatles. We also share a risk of heart disease and related conditions, including high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. In fact, experts say our generation may be the most vulnerable ever. We are the first American generation to grow up with plenty - plenty of food, plenty of cars, plenty of leisure time. As a result, we're also heavier at an earlier age than our parents' generation, and we're developing heart problems younger.

The good news? We CAN change the world after all -- or at least our personal world. Use these links to reduce your risks. The payoff: A longer and healthier life.

As you browse your way around, you will discover interesting pathways for optimizing holistic health, implementing alternative health choices into your lifestyle, maximizing life and preventing disease and the aging process. Again, welcome to the 50+ Holistic Health Portal!

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Dry Eye Syndrome effects over 14,000,000 people in the U.S. alone and should be taken seriously especially since, as you age, everyone is susceptible to dry eye syndrome given the fact that the causes of Dry Eye Syndrome are so little under- stood. We know of course that the lack of moisture (tears) result in this condition, therefore, a little technical explanation is in order for you to better understand the problem and how to prevent or alleviate the condition, if it exists for you. My choice, as you would expect, is to prevent Dry Eye Syndrome from occurring in the first place, which can be done with the proper nutrition...and not with drugs! We recommend supplementing your health regimen with natural dry eye remedies