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Welcome to the Children's Health section of Holistic Health Tools. The links on this page are specific keeping kids healthy and includes articles on natural remedies and supplements for kids diagnosed with ADD or autism plus other health challenges specific to children.

If you are looking for specific natural remedies or health care information for children and you don't find it listed here, please use the contact link at the top of this page to let us know. We'll see if we can find some good information to fit your needs.

We start the list with a focus on ADD and ADHD because there are so many kids being diagnosed with these conditions and parents need to know there are alternatives to the prescription medication approach. However, none of this health information is intended to replace any needed medical testing, evaluation or treatment.


Natural Help for ADD / ADHD - If your child has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder or some other form of attention difficulty such as ADHD, you may be looking for information and/or help. You may also have read up on prescription drugs for ADD, such as adderall or ritalin and are concerned about the potentially dangerous side effects of those drugs. There are natural non-addictive formulas that are proving very effective with chidren who have ADD and ADHD. We've linked to some info on Attention Deficit Disorder and some information on one of the most promising holistic supplements we've found.

How is ADD Diagnosed? - Reaching a correct diagnosis of ADD or ADHD is not a one-step process in most cases but involves tracking down a lot of different factors. Family history may be important. What is by far most important is that the diagnosis come only after appropriate evaluation, testing and determination by a fully qualified health professional. The opinion of a well-meaing teacher may bear enough weight to being to investigate attention difficulties but is not a basis for deciding your child has ADD. Learn more about the ways a doctor might test for ADD or ADHD so that you know you are getting a reliable diagnosis.sician for a physical examination. This will help to rule out any thing else that may be causing similar symptoms.

Is Your Child on Adderall? - If your pediatrician has already prescribed aderall for your child's attention difficulties, please take a monent to read about the potential side effects of this prescription approach to treatment. Although many take aderall without serious impact, parents should know that the potential for very serious side effects including Tourette's Syndrome are present with use of adderall.

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