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Wetting the Bed is a Common Problem in Children

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Bedwetting is common during the pre-school years and children vary in their ability to control their bladders at nighttime. It is quite normal for a child under the age of five to wet the bed occasionally and boys often take longer than girls to become dry at night. 'Accidents' do happen and should be dealt with kindly and sensitively in order to prevent emotional problems. Children who wet their beds should not be punished.

How should bedwetting be addressed? There are many possible causes of nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting), including medical problems, emotional and family problems and immature bladders. Your GP should be your first port of call if bedwetting is regular and persistent or if a child suddenly starts wetting the bed again. He/she will be able to examine your child and advise you of the appropriate steps to take.

What is Be-Dry? Be-Dry is a natural remedy for bedwetting, which can calm the anxious child and help to strengthen immature bladders. If there are no underlying medical causes, regular use of Be-Dry Bedwetting Formula can calm the anxious child and help to strengthen immature bladders.

Be-Dry has been especially formulated by a Clinical Psychologist in accordance with strict homeopathic standards to help your child to achieve bladder control at night time. Say Goodbye to smelly mattresses and wet sheets in the morning and help your child to be more confident! Be-Dry is backed by our 60 day money-back guarantee so you can experience guaranteed results risk-free!

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Please note: Urinary tract infections may cause bed-wetting as may psychological issues. If you feel mental health issues or something medical may need to be ruled out, please see the proper health care professional. Other causes of bed wetting include juvenile diabetes and, in very young children, just an inability to yet recognize what it feels like when the bladder is full, before it's too late.