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Symptoms of Autism

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In order to make a formal diagnosis of Autism, the following symptoms must be present (DSM lV-TR)

Impairment in social interaction
~ Lack of eye contact, facial expression and social gestures
~ Failure to develop peer relationships
~ Does not seek out social interaction
~ Lack of social or emotional reciprocity

Impairment in communication skills
~ language delay or absence
~ inability to initiate and sustain conversation
~ stereotyped or 'strange' use of language
~ lack of make believe or social play

Restricted, stereotyped and repetitive behavior, interests and activities
~ abnormally intense preoccupation with certain activities or areas of interest
~ inflexible insistence on certain nonfunctional rituals or routines
~ stereotyped and repetitive movements e.g. hand flapping, preoccupation with parts of objects

To make the diagnosis at least 6 of the above must be noted, as well as developmental delays in at least ONE of the following areas:

~ Delayed or abnormal social interaction
~ Delay or abnormal use of language in social interaction
~ Delay or absence in symbolic or imaginative play

The delays or impairment described above can vary from mild to severe. Remember that many healthy children will display some of the above symptoms. This does not make them autistic! It is important that the full cluster of symptoms described above be present. Some of these symptoms may be present from early infancy, but usually become more obvious by 2 - 4 years of age.

Diagnosis is usually based on careful observation as well as information provided by parents and other caregivers on the child's behavior, communication, social interaction and developmental levels. There are also a number of screening tests for autism or questionnaires which can be performed, including the CARS rating (Childhood Autism Rating Scale) and CHAT (Checklist for Autism in Toddlers). CARS may be particularly helpful to distinguish between the autistic child and the child who may have a handicap. Diagnosis can be made by Pediatricians, Psychiatrists and Clinical Psychologists or by a multi-disciplinary team. Depending on the symptoms that need treatment, Native Remedies recommends Several natural remedies to assist in an overall treatment plan.