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Welcome to Holistic Health Tools!

Holistic Health (wholistic health) addresses the whole person - body, mind, spirit and emotions. Learn about natural remedies and supplements here. We also have a wide range of health care articles. We want to be your online source for all things health-related and natural!

Taking a holistic approach to your life helps to create a balance in your personal life, family relationships, community activities, and work environment. Find "wholeness" through acknowledging, honoring, and healing all your individual parts (mind, body, spirit and emotions)!

As you browse and click your way around, you will discover interesting pathways which lead to a state of optimal health. You'll find helpful suggestions on how to best implement alternative healing and natural remedies as part of your healthy lifestyle, in a way that maximizes quality of life and the prevention of disease. alternative health into your lifestyle, maximizing life and preventing disease. Learn about auto intoxication and detoxing and the importance of internal cleansing, how to protect your vision and eyesight and how to use natural remedies for relief from conditions such as stress and insomnia.

Recent headlines have shown mounting evidence that suggests that your bottled water contains contaminants, too! And that chemicals in plastic bottles can be leached into the water. They are called phthalates, and they are notorious for disrupting testosterone and other hormones. Suddenly bottled water does not seem so healthy. And if you care about our environment, bottled water is definitely a bad idea. Plastic bottles are made from petroleum products, so right off the bat they contribute to pollution and our dependence on oil.

Besides, while most people have good intentions about recycling, the fact is that only about 13 percent of those water bottles ever get recycled. An estimated 1.5 million tons of plastic water bottles end up in landfills each year. Is that the legacy we want to leave for our grandchildren? Enough bad news! I have found the best way to have safe water. If you are tired of lugging cases of expensive bottled water home, and you want to get the facts about REALLY clean water and your health, you'll want to read this article: Go Green - How to Stop Buying Bottled Water!

If you are still not convinced....Recently 14 brands of bottled water were recalled due to potential E coli contamination. Yet another reason to bottle your own water. It's time to break the bottled water habit!

What exactly is "holistic health"?

Holistic Health is harmony and balance within all aspects of self - body, mind, spirit and emotions. Each of us is born with a unique balance that makes us who we are and determines our strengths and weaknesses. A holistic approach brings an awareness and respect for the influence each aspect of a person's life has on all others. The whole lifestyle of the person is addressed, taking into consideration diet, exercise, the mind and emotions, one's spiritual outlook, and the interaction between family, friends, co-workers, society and nature.

For most of our modern health complaints (the lifestyle, stress, and behavioral disorders), natural, holistic self-care methods are a viable alternative to drug-dependence, side effects, and expensive intervention. The fundamental premise is that your body knows how to be well, given the proper support. Adopting an Holistic Approach to Health

Focus on Pet Care:
Our animal friends add so much joy and love to our lives. Taking care of their health is a top priority for any animal lover. High quality herbal remedies may offer very effective benefits for your beloved pets. We recommend the natural pet supplements from Pet Alive

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What are the basic principles of right living, to ensure the best health you can have? Since the body naturally works toward optimum health, any healthy change to your lifestyle will provide rewarding, holistic results. Start with simple actions and goals, something that can easily fit into your lifestyle, and enjoy the benefits of renewed health, happiness and vitality. Health Education is a part of learning these holistic health principles and applying them to your everyday life.
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