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Second Hand Smoke, Diet and Chronic Lung Disease - New Study Finds Prevention is Key

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With experts in the field of chronic lung disease emphasizing prevention as the best remedy for decreasing the prevalence of COPD – one that kills more than 2.75 million people each year – awareness is now one crucial element in the fight.

Recently scientists at the Harvard School of Public Health discovered that the newly coined Mediterranean Diet, a diet typified by fish, fruits, vegetables and whole grains, can lead to a 50% decrease in your risk of developing COPD. These types of foods contain a very high level of antioxidants, which have been proven to help fight cancer in other studies. Foods rich in antioxidants can help to rid your body of free radicals, the harmful molecules that can disrupt the functions of living cells and end up causing cancer and other ailments, including those affecting the lungs. While COPD awareness and maintaining a balanced diet of healthy foods and whole grains are both excellent methods of prevention, avoiding smoke from cigarettes, pipes and cigars is another method of avoiding this very serious disease.

Although it has been linked to a number of causes, smoking or second hand smoke accounts for most COPD cases. In addition to creating free radicals, smoking causes enormous wear and tear on the entire respiratory system, which over time causes many people to end up with COPD. The most important thing you can do to avoid COPD is to quit smoking and take yourself out of environments where cigarette smoke exists, avoiding second hand smoke at all times. Natural remedies that may be very helpful in your decision to quit smoking include:

Pollution can also cause COPD, as over the years breathing in pollutants in the air can cause significant duress on the respiratory system. However, it can be difficult to avoid air pollution altogether, especially if you live in an urban environment. This is why taking precautions to make sure you do not develop future respiratory problems is often the most effective approach when it comes to chronic lung disease, including the preventative measures we have mentioned – awareness, diet, not smoking and avoiding excessive pollution.

There are also many natural and herbal remedies available to help you to maintain a healthy respiratory system and fight free radicals. Using these in conjunction with other preventative measures can have a tremendous impact on decreasing the possibility of COPD. Anti-Can Caps promotes systemic health at the cellular level with strong antioxidant support for all body systems. If you are currently living with COPD, there are many natural remedies available to help heal the damage the disease has caused, such as improving circulation to affected areas and encouraging free breathing.


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