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Will I feel better or worse during the detoxification process?

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This is part of the Holistic Health Series on Detoxing. Here, we cover symptoms of a cleanse and who is most apt to experience a temporary period of discomfort during a detoxification regimen.

Are you considering a detox or a specific organ internal cleanse?
One of the questions often asked is whether the release of toxins will make you feel worse before you feel better. In some cases, a healing crisis is rather unavoidable. If you've been eating bad, under a lot of stress or you have parasites or systemic yeast, detox symptoms are more apt to occur. It's vital to drink lots of pure water throughout the day when cleansing to avoid uncomfortable detox symptoms.

Some people feel better immediately and continue to gain energy and well being from the start of a Cleanse Program. These tend to be the people who eat fairly healthy and have a good handle on stress response. However, common detox symptoms, even among that number, may include headaches or flu-like symptoms. These should be temporary in nature, most of the time lasting only 1 to 3 days into a cleanse.

For those who are the most toxic - that is they have the most rancid chemicals, bacteria, or yeasts within their bodies, perhaps trapped there months or years, will experience the most intense detox symptoms. This is also true with persons who have taken a lot of drugs and medications.

Worse case scenario, there will be a rotten odor and rancid feeling when you remove them. You may experience this as an unpleasant odor in your stools and/or from your pores, and might want to take more than one shower or bath each day until you have purged the toxins. Drinking more water may help with temporary headaches or flu-like symptoms. All symptoms should eventually disappear and be replaced with more energy and a feeling of well-being!

If detox symptoms become too strong, you may consider reducing your dosage of the cleanse ingredients and then building more slowly back up to recommended dosages. Really focus on eating light and healthy, particularly during the first few days of a cleanse. Give your digestive and eliminatory systems a rest by not consuming red meats, white flour or refined sugar products.