Stop Smoking - Control the Craving Without the Nicotine!

Control nicotine craving, severe nicotine withdrawal
symptoms, and nicotine withdrawal duration without
using harmful and expensive nicotine products!

Crave-Rx Drops can help to control the craving without the nicotine!
ALSO.. Now you can safely stop smoking without gaining weight!

Fortunately nature has the answer! Addiction is not a new phenomenon and human beings have become addicted to various substances throughout the ages.

Herbalists, naturopaths and healers from traditional medicine have great experience in helping people to overcome addiction with the use of herbs.

Opium dependency, one of the most difficult addictions to beat, has been successfully treated in Ayurvedic (Indian) medicine for hundreds of years.

Recently medical science has confirmed that many of the herbs used to treat addiction in traditional medicine are effective in helping to control and prevent a wide range of symptoms as well as the craving associated with withdrawal from substances like nicotine and other drugs.

What are Crave-Rx Drops and how do they work?

Crave-Rx Drops will:

  • Help to reduce the physical craving for nicotine
  • Help to prevent depression, restlessness and anxiety often associated with nicotine withdrawal
  • Stop sugar craving and compensatory eating
  • Prevent de-motivating weight gain and help to burn fat
  • Reduce 'mental fog', concentration and memory problems associated with nicotine withdrawal Nicotine patches, sprays and gum are a major part of most commercial stop smoking programs. Apart from the enormous cost to your pocket, using nicotine products to stop smoking also has a health cost.

Crave-Rx is a 100% natural product especially designed by Clinical Psychologist, Michele Carelse, as part of the Stop Smoking UltraPack

An ex-smoker herself, Michele tried many times to stop smoking and understands how nicotine craving can override your desire to stop smoking and drive you back to the cigarettes.

No matter how determined you are to kick the habit, the physical craving experienced in the first few weeks of nicotine withdrawal can drive your body to smoke again.

Crave-Rx Drops contain a unique combination of selected herbal ingredients which have been clinically proven to reduce the craving for nicotine due to their balancing effect on the brain chemicals known to be associated with addiction.

Crave-Rx Drops also contain herbs which will help to prevent the sugar cravings and compensatory overeating which often cause people to go back to cigarettes due to unwanted weight gain.

Now you can safely stop smoking without gaining weight!

How long does one bottle of Crave-Rx last? One bottle contains 50ml of herbal concentrate and is approximately one month's supply.

For maximum results use Crave-Rx together with:
Rx-Hale and Triple Complex Nicotonic in the Stop Smoking UltraPack

Learn more about the Crave-Rx, Triple Complex & Stop Smoking UltraPack

    NOTE: Nicotine is a poison. We believe that there is little sense in hanging on to the nicotine while trying to stop smoking. This only increases your health risk and keeps you addicted to nicotine.

    Using nicotine products can certainly help to reduce the craving and severe withdrawal symptoms you feel when you try and stop smoking! However this is only because your body is getting the nicotine in a different form.

Get more informaion about the Crave-Rx, Triple Complex & Stop Smoking UltraPack


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